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OOC Information:
Name: Nick
Are you over 15? Yes
Contact: AIM: YamiKuja

IC Information:
Name: Vanessa Carter/Vivian Gray
Canon: Mistborn the original trilogy by Brandon Sanderson
Age: 19
Preincarnation Appearance: Here’s an image. She’s barely five feet tall and maybe a hundred pounds soaking wet, and built very slight. She tends to dress in very plain clothing most of the time and typically looks quite unremarkable.
Any differences: None minus one or two battle scars and the fact that she dressed with a bit more style than the dull gray and brown clothes her preincarnation was usually seen in.
Preincarnated History: Vin grew up on the world of Scadriel, a world buried under clouds of ash caused by constant volcanic eruptions that blocked out the rays of a red sun. Centuries earlier a young hero had embarked on a quest to save the world from an encroaching disaster known only as the Deepness. He failed and the world was buried under clouds of ash and became a wasteland swathed in mysterious mists ruled by the Lord Ruler from his throne in Luthadel. Vin was born and raised in this city to a skaa mother, part of the population of peasants and slaves separated from the upper noble class. She never knew her father but was born to a skaa woman who was tormented by psychotic episodes and visions, which eventually caused her to try to murder Vin and her siblings. Her mother managed to kill Vin’s younger sister and drive a bronze spike through her ear before her older brother, Reen, saved her and escaped to raise her on the streets.

She then spent the rest of her developing years on the street with Reen teaching her how to survive with rather brutal lessons, beating her when she made a mistake and constantly telling her not to trust anybody before even he eventually abandoned her. All alone, she went from thieving gang to thieving gang surviving by staying under the radar and using her developing abilities to manipulate those around her. This was her life until she was found by a man named Kelsier and discovered her true nature as a Mistborn, a powerful user of Allomancy. Soon after she was recruited into Kelsier’s crew, a group of skaa Allomancers who were hatching an insane plan to destroy the Lord Ruler and bring down the Final Empire forever. Vin’s role in this rebellion was to impersonate a noblewoman, taking the name Valette Renoux, to gather intelligence and be in place to strike when the time came. During her time among the nobles Vin met an heir to a powerful house by the name of Elend Venture, an odd young man who had strange ideas about equality between noble and skaa. The two grew closer and eventually fell in love.

Her cover was eventually blown when she uncovered a plot to assassinate Elend and was forced to reveal her powers to save him. This didn’t matter much in the end however as her role was nearly finished, or so she thought. In the opening battles of the rebellion, Kelsier was killed when the Lord Ruler himself took the field and Vin, for the first time motivated by something more than her own survival, took his place as the symbol of freedom and hope for the skaa rebellion. While the fighting raged in the streets, Vin made her way to the Lord Ruler’s palace and confronted him there. After a long, one-sided fight, a simple fluke gave Vin the insight she needed to discover the secret of the Lord Ruler’s immortality as well as a strange ability to absorb the mists of her world to fuel her Allomancy, and was able to finally kill him. His final words, however, would haunt Vin for years to come.

“By killing me, you have doomed yourselves.”

She was reunited with Elend after the battle, who was now effectively the ruler of the Empire as the highest ranking nobleman in the strongest house currently in the city.

Vin stayed by Elened’s side through the first few years of his reign as he struggled against the schemes of the nobles remaining in power and tried to put his own government into place, one that ended the oppression and enslavement of the skaa, and the armies that now besieged Luthadel hoping to take power for themselves. All the while troubled about the Lord Ruler’s last words and fearing that the Deepness was threatening to return after his death and discovering lost Allomantic powers such as duralumin and electrum.

She fought in the Battle of Luthadel, singlehandedly driving back the invaders and killing their leader. She then journeyed to the Well of Ascension, the source of the power the Lord Ruler had claimed centuries earlier, and unleashed it in hopes that it would drive back the Deepness forever. This turned out to be an awful mistake, however, as the power in the Well was in fact the lock on the prison of the god Ruin and releasing it allowed him to escape to continue his efforts to destroy Scadriel once and for all.

Vin and Elend then spent the next few years battling Ruin’s forces together and discovering the secrets the Lord Ruler left behind. They discovered that his goal was not simply to rule the world but to prevent Ruin’s escape and to make sure humanity would have a chance of surviving if he was ever freed. She also discovered the truth about herself: she was not only a Mistborn, she was the successor of Preservation, Ruin’s opposite, and destined to inherit his power.

Discovering this, Vin was able to absorb all the mists of Scadrial and became Preservation itself. She lost her physical form but was able to challenge Ruin directly while Elend led the final charge against Ruin’s armies. When Elend was slain in the battle, Vin found herself with nothing left to lose and attacked Ruin directly, the two opposite powers clashing and destroying each other. With this final act, Vin killed Ruin by taking him with her.

With the minds controlling Preservation and Ruin gone, the power was absorbed by Vin’s friend and teacher, Sazed, who used the power to remake the world as it once was, without the ash clouds or the burning sun. After this was done, Vin was given the chance to return but chose to stay where she was. Happily reunited with Elend in the afterlife.

More information about Vin’s world and the people she knew can be found here.

Reincarnated History: Vanessa’s story is not quite as theatrical as Vin’s but still difficult in its own way.

Like Vin, Vanessa never knew her father and was born an only child to a mother with more than a few mental health issues. For the first few years of her life Vanessa was raised by a woman who really shouldn’t have been caring for children until one night a psychotic episode raised enough of a ruckus that the authorities finally intervened.

The case didn’t last long and Vanessa was soon taken from her mother’s custody and, with no living relatives, was placed in foster care, her records sealed and her last name changed, where she was soon one of many children lost to the system. She grew up without a family and without any real home and stuck around just long enough to finish high school, and decided to strike out on her own. One day, she simply left the house she was living in and never looked back..

Life on the street was not easy, but with nothing to lose and nowhere to go Vanessa took to it quickly, living by quick wits, hands and feet taking whatever she could from the pockets of people around her. It wasn’t long before a busy street in the business districts of town became a gold mine to her. Whatever pickpocketing couldn’t get her, generosity often would. That didn’t mean she lived a particularly comfortable life and went hungry more often than not, leading to her habit of pocketing food whenever she could get away with it. Things started going a little better for her when she made contacts with certain skills and learned how to crack a bank card’s PIN and visiting several ATMs around town to make the largest withdrawals she could with stolen cards became a routine. Finally, she was able to find herself a small apartment near the Dead District and a landlord who accepted cash for both rent and discretion. It wasn’t much, but it was finally a home of her own.

With a combination of smart-thinking and quite a bit of luck she managed to avoid most of the perils of that lifestyle and largely stayed under the radar of the law. She never hurt anyone when she could help it, not really anyway, and only took what could be replaced, cash, food and useless trinkets where she could get them. Even so, she had her fair share of close calls both from marks who were a bit faster than she was and from people who saw an opportunity to vent their own frustration on somebody her size. She learned to fight, to run and to survive.

Still, she wasn’t an idiot and she knew that her luck was going to run out eventually. If she was going to live she was going to have to leave this life behind eventually so when one last score came along, she decided that this would be it for her. One last job and then she’d be done. It was simple enough, a cash pickup from a grocery store just before Thanksgiving weekend. It was at the end of the route, packed with cash, somebody else would provide the distraction and all she had to do was get in, grab whatever she could carry and disappear with it. The cut she was promised would be enough to get a real start, maybe get a real education. It was a much bigger move than picking the pocket of a well-dressed target or grabbing the contents of a cash register, but the idea behind it was simple enough.

Things went wrong.

It was the first time she’d ever made a mistake like that, just one misstep but it was enough to get her spotted by the guards. Instantly the situation exploded like a powder keg and the streets erupted into gunfire and sirens. Vanessa ran for it with no idea of what happened to the two she had come on the job with but her bad luck compounded and a nearby patrol car came after her. When she ducked down an alley it quickly turned to a foot chase as the driver attempted to circle the block and head her off. Recognizing the trap, Vanessa sprung up a fire escape, fleeing upwards with the patrolman in hot pursuit. It turned out, unfortunately, that he was quicker than she and soon caught up, seizing the girl. It was then that it happened, the world seemed to slow to a crawl, and she felt hollow with just a low thud in her ears and suddenly all that mattered to her was one thing: escape.

Spurned on by this sudden panicked urge, she turned and struck, just trying to get free and the officer went over the side. Vanessa could only watch in horror as he fell to his death on the pavement below. It might have been all over for her there if it weren’t for whatever was in her mind telling her to run, and she did so, using every second she had before the other cop realized what had happened. She scrambled back to the ground and ran and ran and ran until she couldn’t anymore. She didn’t go home that night, only collapsed in an alley for the first time in months and slept, tormented by nightmares of being chased through the rain by a monster with spikeheads for eyes. Nightmares that stayed with her as memory when she woke up, along with a string of mysterious numbers.

Only one thing was on her mind the next day: she was screwed. She had killed somebody, not just anybody but a cop and her days were officially numbered. Cop killers didn’t stay free and even if she was confident her face hadn’t been spotted, she knew there was a description of her floating around out there and everybody in a uniform would be after her now. She had to get out of the city, but she didn’t have any money, just the few scraps back at her apartment and she would need more than that.

Desperate and out of options, she went to one of her contacts, a hacker by the name of Blaze who traded on the deep web and had him scrounge up a set of fake identification for a woman by the name of Vivian Gray, including birth certificate, social security and a driver’s license. It was thin, but enough to get a real job and hopefully the money she needed to get out of town without putting her neck on the line where she could be caught. There was only one problem. This identity came to her through people she otherwise would have preferred not to be involved in, people involved in the organized crime families in the city and there was one major catch. The identity came at a very steep price and they held everything about her, her real name, her picture, everything and if she made one move they didn’t like or tried to leave town before her bill was paid off she’d be turned in in a heartbeat and everything would be over.

Slowly, Vanessa settled into the double life as Vivian Gray. Buying her new persona a wardrobe and finding her a job at an upscale boutique, Vanessa began switching between her two lives.. Regular boutique worker during the day and thief and wanted criminal at night, bringing in whatever she could from both lives and ferreting away whatever she could. Still, the new memories in her head haunted her and the string of numbers that came with them refused to leave her alone and finally one night she caved and scribbled them down on a simple notepad. What she discovered then shocked her once more.

She was not alone. And things were even worse than she had thought.

First Echo: Her first Echo was caused by running away from the police officer that she accidentally killed. She regained the memory of being chased and nearly killed by a Steel Inquisitor around the castle of Kredik Shaw in Luthadel. It originally hit as a combination of survival instinct and fight-or-flight and later on manifested as nightmares before finally settling in as a concrete memory in her head.

Preincarnation Personality: First and foremost, Vin is a survivor. A life on the street has taught her how to get by on her own and has honed her instincts for both situations and people. She thinks fast on her feet but tends to avoid detailed, drawn-out plans and favors trusting her instincts over any amount of planning and is capable of analyzing a situation and making snap decisions to get herself out of trouble. She tends to avoid direct involvement whenever possible and prefers to hang back and observe things before the time comes to act which she does quickly and decisively. A quick and resourceful thinker, she can quickly analyze a situation and come up with a quick plan on the spot and is an extremely capable and ruthless fighter who will use whatever tricks she can to defeat her enemy.

Paranoid almost to the extreme, Vin trusts nobody when she first meets them any many people will never earn her complete trust at all. She’s always on the look out and deliberately stays out of arm’s reach of the people around her, instinctively backing away to avoid being hurt. To her eyes every shadow is a possible hiding place for an assassin waiting to leap out to attack her or the people she cares about.

Blunt and to the point, Vin is not one to mince words and has no problems speaking what she believes is the truth, popular or not. Still when push comes to shove she’s always right there in the thick of things, doing what must be done without hesitation. She has a deadpan sarcastic sense of humor and although she isn’t a fan of reading and books she can become obsessively studious when a topic catches her interest.

Though she’d never, ever, admit it Vin’s time as a noblewoman has also instilled a love of the “finer” things in life in her. She secretly misses her time at court, wearing pretty dresses and dancing amid the splendor of it all. She’ll often add jewelry or other pretty things she finds (never anything metal though) and occasionally wears scents, even if she only ever wore them around Elend.

Any differences: A few. For one thing Vanessa grew up under similar but still quite different circumstances than Vin. Namely, she was on her own and didn’t have her older brother Reen teaching her not to trust anyone and beating her for her mistakes so she’s considerably less paranoid about people. She’s still quite guarded though but that comes mainly from having to take care of herself and not so much total suspicion of those around her. While she’s still likely to turn and fight when cornered she isn’t acclimated to being in constant danger for her life so it will take awhile and an Echo or two, and a few fights, before she gets used to that. For the time being, her go-to method for getting out of trouble will be to run or to outsmart whoever or whatever is after her.

She doesn’t have quite the same sense of justice or call to heroism either, since Locke city doesn’t have an empire to overthrow or a rebellion to lead. She tends to think in terms of opportunity and how people can help her get what she needs and what they will want in return. In the beginning, actual acts of helpfulness or kindness will catch her off guard and get her suspicion but overtime as she gets closer to the people around her this will change a bit.


First, on the mundane side Vin is a very skilled fighter and specializes with a pair of knives crafted out of volcanic glass or a staff. Her main advantage in a fight does come from her skill in Allomancy but she doesn’t rely on it, since her small size and weight basically negates that advantage against another Allomancy-wielding opponent or equivalent. Her fights usually involve quick hit-and-run tactics and avoiding getting into a contest of strength or a prolonged hand-to-hand fight where size and reach put her firmly at the disadvantage.

Her stealth skills are just as good. She’s very good at going unseen, both by finding concealment and by just not attracting attention to herself

Vin’s supernatural abilities come in the form of Allomancy, one of the three Metallic Arts present on Scadriel. I’ve already gone ahead and written a detailed example "Herel" but I’ll go ahead and write a shorter version here along with the metals she can use, starting with some terminology. If it’s alright with the mods, I was going to say that when Vanessa starts developing Allomantic abilities that she’d be getting them through either her hacker friend acquiring them from internet sources or one of her other contacts, but will have a very limited amount to be used for emergencies alone.

Allomancy: The main Metallic Art of the first Mistborn trilogy, Allomancy is essentially a magic system fueled by metal. The basic gist of it is that an Allomancer swallows small portions of metal and uses them to fuel supernatural abilities through a process called “burning.” Each metal supplies her with a different ability which are available only until the metal is consumed by burning it away. Allomantic metals can only be used in certain levels of purity, with base metals needing to be as pure as possible and alloys needing to be at a certain ratio. The further they are from these standards, the less power can be drawn from them and if they’re far enough off then they’re completely useless. Vin knew all of the correct alloy mixtures so that information will likely be returned to Vanessa as her knowledge of Allomancy returns through echoes.

An Allomancer is aware of how much metal is left to her at all times and can gauge how long her reserves will last with pretty reasonable accuracy as long as she’s paying attention.

Burning: The process by which an Allomancer fuels their powers. When an Allomancer swallows a metal they can burn and extinguish it at will, with the metal being active and providing its power for as long as it’s being burned. This process gradually consumes the metal and eventually eliminates it entirely, normally long before it can pass through the Allomancer’s digestive system and cause any damage or toxicity issues.

The Allomancer can burn a metal higher or lower to increase and decrease the amount of power being drawn from it. A metal burning higher will be consumed faster than one burning lower. In addition the Allomancer can flare the metal, providing a large boost of power in one shot at the cost of using up a large amount of the metal in a single use.

And now the metals.

Tin: The first metal Vin used. Tin enhances the senses of the Allomancer burning it, increasing all five to extraordinary degrees. She can see sharper, farther and to more detail, hear much more clearly and even pick out individual fabrics in the clothes she’s wearing by touch. There is no filter on these senses however and a sharp sound or flash of light can easily overwhelm her. Her sense of pain is also heightened as a side effect.

Pewter: Pewter increases the physical abilities of the Allomancer. An Allomancer burning pewter becomes stronger, faster, tougher, more flexible and more agile. Her reflexes are also improved and burning pewter can speed up the healing process. There is a danger in using pewter as the increased endurance leaves when the metal does and even though pewter can left her shrug off injuries, when it’s extinguished the damage doesn’t go away.

Iron: Iron allows the Allomancer to pull nearby metals toward her by way of an Ironpull. When burning iron the Allomancer sees a hazy blue line connecting the center of her chest to all sources of metal within range. She can then mentally “pull” on these lines, dragging the object toward her. If she outweighs the object, then the object moves toward her rapidly and if the object outweighs her (or is otherwise anchored) then she is pulled toward it. Quite useful for retrieving metal objects and to make a quick getaway by Pulling on a large metal object nearby. the maximum range of iron is about a hundred feet at a high burn.

All Ironpulls work by pulling toward the Allomancer’s center of mass and only in a direct line toward her. It doesn’t allow any kind of telekinetic control over metal and she cannot actually control its course. Another major limitation of iron is that it’s impossible to Pull on any metals that are either piercing or otherwise inside a human body unless the Allomancer is receiving a huge power boost using external methods that are not available on Earth, save one.

The Allomancer can also anchor herself against an Ironpull by pulling on a heavier object in the opposite direction. This has the side effect of causing her to be pulled in two different directions and can result in serious injury if used improperly.

Steel: Functionally, steel works identically to iron but in the opposite way. Steel allows the Allomancer to Push metals away from herself with the same rules and limitations as Ironpulls. Steelpushes are very effective ways to fire metal projectiles for long-range combat and to make otherwise impossible jumps, a common tactic being to drop a coin on the ground and Push against it to launch oneself into the air by effectively Pushing against the Earth.

With iron and steel together, and with a good amount of practice, it’s possible for an Allomancer to achieve some sort of flight by Pulling and Pushing on nearby sources of metal to stay in the air. The dangers of this method of travel are pretty obvious and is not recommended without burning pewter and tin at the same time to increase reaction time and awareness.

Copper: Burning copper creates a field around the Allomancer that prevents Allomancers from using bronze (see next entry) to detect Allomancy being used called a coppercloud. This power won’t be seeing any use unless another Allomancer character appears. It also blocks the effects of the other mental metals zinc and brass.

Bronze: Burning bronze allows an Allomancer to sense when somebody else is burning metals nearby. This manifests as a dull mental thudding noise with each metal having its own distinct rhythm. A fairly useless power without other Allomancers around.

It should be noted that Vin received a bronze earring as a child that doubled her ability in bronze, letting her sense Allomancy from miles away and to pierce through copperclouds. If the earring is returned to Vanessa through an Echo she will acquire this ability as well.

Zinc: Burning zinc allows an Allomancer to “Riot” the emotions of people around her, causing them to feel the targeted emotion more intensely. The Allomancer cannot, however, create these emotions and cannot control how a person will react to being Rioted, that’s up to the person alone.

Brass: Brass does the opposite effect of zinc, decreasing or Soothing a person’s emotions. Like above this does not give any actual control over the target, only cause them to feel the targeted emotion(s) less intensely.

Both zinc and brass can be resisted by a person with good mental strength, especially if they know it’s being done. In addition psychic blocks will effectively cut them entirely. I do have a permissions post regarding these abilities and do plan on posting a link to it if accepted.

Aluminum: Burning aluminum instantly and completely destroys all other metals the Allomancer has in reserve, rendering her instantly powerless. It’s also Allomantically inert meaning it isn’t affected by other metals. Iron and steel can’t pull and push on it and a simple band of aluminum foil around a person’s head will completely shut down zinc and brass.

Duralumin: Burning duralumin instantly combusts all metals being burned alongside it, releasing all of their power in one tremendous burst at the cost of consuming the entire reserve in an instant. Burning duralumin alongside pewter will let the Allomancer perform epic feats of strength and survive impacts that should reduce them to paste and will give equal boosts to any other metal being burned alongside it. Steelpushes suddenly hit with massive force and Ironpulls can rip the sides of buildings off and both can affect metals inside a person’s body with this power.

Gold: Gold allows an Allomancer to look back into their own past and see an alternate version of themselves had their life taken a different route. Vin only ever used this power once and found the experience so unsettling that she opted to never burn the metal again.

Electrum: Electrum works by giving the Allomancer a glimpse of a few seconds into their own future. It’s basically used to see the result of their actions, such as if they’ll make a long jump or if cutting the red wire will defuse the bomb or blow it up and so on. The future actions of others are totally invisible though so it doesn’t give much insight into what others are about to do. That’s the next metal.

Atium: Widely regarded as the most powerful metal in a Mistborn’s arsenal for very good reason. Atium allows the Allomancer burning it to perceive events around herself several seconds in the future, both her own actions and the actions of others and increases brainpower to deal with all of this information. The advantage atium brings in combat is practically insurmountable. A Mistborn burning atium knows everything you’re going to do before you even do. If you’re attacking, she knows how and from where. If you’re defending she knows exactly how you’ll attempt to block her. She knows where you’re going to be before you’ve decided and what your next move is before you’ve even considered it. The only reliable way to counter atium is to be burning it yourself or have a similar ability.

It does have its drawbacks however. For one thing it is very rare and a single bead can cost tens of thousands in gold. Another, it burns with remarkable speed with Vin estimating that the largest bead she’d ever seen would last for “only” a minute or two. Finally, stomach acid corrodes atium to the point of uselessness within minutes so the only way to use it is to swallow it immediately before using it, giving an opponent plenty of time to stop you from using it or even stealing it.

Obviously, atium does not exist on Earth so Vanessa won’t be acquiring any unless it’s through an item Echo. Even then whatever atium she does get will only be good for thirty seconds or even less of burning and if her memory of it returns she will save it for only the most dire circumstances when absolutely nothing else can save her.

Malatium: A simple alloy of atium and gold, malatium has gold’s effect but allows her to see an alternate version of another person. Largely useless although it is what gave Vin the clue she needed to defeat the Lord Ruler.

Finally, and I fully expect this to never come into play in Save the Earth but I’m including it because it is technically an ability of hers: Vin was the heir of the Shard of Preservation and all the power that came with it.

In the universe that Mistborn is a part of a Shard is a fragment of the very force of creation and attuned to the specific value in its name. Normally the Shards are simply raw power but can be acquired by a sentient mind, a person in possession of a Shard effectively becomes a god.

Should Vanessa regain this power through an Echo she will instantly lose her physical form and be changed to an omniscient, omnipresent state of being, unable to directly communicate or interact with anybody but she will be able to affect the world on a global scale with this power. Vanessa will be nearly omnipotent, able to act anywhere and on any scale as long as her actions are in keeping with Preservation’s nature, namely the creation, protection and sustaining of life. The power cannot be used to destroy but it can be used for nearly anything else. This is the power Vin wielded to defeat Ruin and the power that was used to remake her entire world.

Again, I do not plan to ever even submit an Echo request for the Shard of Preservation. I’m including it here after a lot of thought because it does fall under an ability that theoretically could return with an Echo but only if it is somehow called for in the plot and only if the real gods of the game world, the mods, want it to be included.

Roleplay Sample – Third Person: "Vin meets a wizard and talks vampires for awhile."

Roleplay Sample - Network:

Text | Notebook

[She’d hesitated even writing this and had sat, pencil in hand, over the notebook page for quite awhile. It all seemed ridiculous but what was she supposed to think? It was all right here in front of her so it was either believe that these things were real, or accept that she had gone over the deep end.]

I’m not sure if anybody is actually see this or if I’m finally losing it but something’s going on here and I guess I’m in it now.

[She pauses for another second, sighing.]

Call me Violet for now.

So, what do we do about it? What’s the plan?

Any Questions? Nope, none!


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